We are dedicated to serving Care Homes

Care and nursing homes take care of vulnerable people and count on team commitment and on tailored tools. Each healthcare professional working in these structures relies on the performance of the in-house information system.

Among the solutions of The Welcoop Cooperative and its subsidiaries are management software and systems to direct all actions carried out in care and nursing homes. Medication circuit security and support for residents to remain independent are also included.

Management solutions for Care Homes

Our subsidiary Malta Informatique offers Titan, a complete, integrated professional solution for care and nursing home management. From billing to treatment, via medication circuit security, medical teleconsultation and traceability of resident care, all key events are dealt with in real time by the management software.

Visuel logiciel Titan EHPAD

Medication circuit SECURITY

In care and nursing homes, it is very important to ensure high medication circuit security, from the moment of pill dispenser preparation. Our subsidiary Pharmagest offers a solution in preparing multi-dosed treatments for healthcare professionals working in care and nursing homes and for pharmacists who prepare the pill dispensers.

The MultiMeds pill dispenser

Multimeds is a manual pill dispenser, with a patented “Press & Go” system. The system is composed of detachable compartments and allows care teams to distribute one dose at a time to each resident. The pill dispenser can be prepared for 7 to 28 days’ treatment. Each pill dispenser and each compartment shows the patient’s name with information concerning the medication (its name, the dose, the batch number and expiry date) for perfect traceability. The dispensers can be stacked and transported easily on trolleys for distribution.

Titan Pharma software

The medication circuit in care and nursing homes includes communication with pharmacies. In keeping with medication circuit security, Malta Informatique has developed Titan Pharma, a solution allowing care and nursing home teams to transmit residents’ treatment information easily. For these teams, this device guarantees complete security of the medication circuit in a paper-free, 100% digitized process.

Monitoring residents’ INDEPENDENCE

At the cutting edge of technology, our subsidiary, Pharmagest offers CareLib, a smart box to prevent residents’ loss of independence. This box boasts an artificial intelligence, which uses sensors to learn the resident’s routine and sends an alert in the case of an anomaly.

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For example, falls can be detected and the appropriate people alerted immediately. Carelib improves the support of vulnerable people on a daily basis as well as healthcare coordination. Moreover, with its 2G/3G internet connection, the box is in constant contact with a Filien hotline to bring even more reassurance to families.

Finally, to limit the sense of isolation for residents, CareLib helps to preserve the social link between residents and their families, through its dedicated social network. The network is secure and data is stored on exclusive Pharmagest servers. Pharmagest is a Ministry of Health accredited “healthcare data host”.

A large choice of MEDICAL EQUIPMENT

Our subsidiary, D Medica, offers a large range of medical equipment for care and nursing homes to better support patients in assisted living. A secure space is at your disposal to place online orders efficiently.