Discover our commitment to serving patients

Collective action is our priority. As a cooperative, it goes without saying. And to go beyond words, we hold high strong values, both within the company and with our cooperative members.

The way we do things and what we represent are driven by our uniqueness, closeness, and innovation. It is through this group ethic that the meaning and value of actions must be sought. As Citizens of Health and Well-being, The Welcoop Cooperative and its cooperative members act responsibly in all their actions. A mutual point of pride.

Keeping the COOPERATIVE SPIRIT alive

The Welcoop Cooperative’s organization is meant to be inclusive and democratic. Our activities are extensions of the principles and values ​​associated with the cooperative spirit: solidarity and social utility, working together in the interest of patients and the healthcare system.

An EFFICIENT healthcare system

Thanks to the diversity of its professions, The Cooperative Welcoop embraces a global vision of the world of health. Its strategy aims to bring structure to the entire ecosystem, in France and in the rest of Europe.

A vision focused on a better follow-up of patients and their medical treatment as well as a greater efficiency of the Public Healthcare System.

The link between health and the environment

The environment and health are closely related. The Welcoop Cooperative is committed to measures of prevention and recycling as well as an ecological approach to waste management. Shorter supply circuits and using natural products are also favored.

  • The products of Laboratoire Marque Verte are free from undesirable substances and produced through shorter supply circuits with respect for nature and the consumer’s health.
  • Our pharmacy brand Anton&Willem is dedicated to alternative medecine with high-quality natural products. This natural approach allows gentler care and a smaller impact on the environment.

Taking action against corruption

The Welcoop Cooperative and its subsidiaries have taken measures against corruption. Our approach aims to hold ourselves up to high ethical standards by respecting and enforcing the laws applicable to our activities. Thus to fight against all forms of corruption.

This committment is highlighted by the creation of our code of conduct as well as our whistleblower procedure.

Acting as a RESPONSIBLE employer

The commitment of our employees and teams, also benefits the patient, in all aspects of healthcare. This commitment is necessary so that their talent may be expressed in the day-to-day, bringing meaning and a sense of social utility to our work. The style of management and our training programs contribute to leading the way for the entire group.



Un manager et son équipe rient dans un couloir

The Welcoop Cooperative offers a unique framework of shared universal values. These values ​​set the tone for the Cooperative’s Human Resources policy. Together within a strong and unique corporate culture, each employee is encouraged to find their place in an inspiring, respectful and caring environment.

Through its corporate culture, Welcoop Cooperative is committed to making each of its employees a true Citizen for Health and Well-being. People are the most valuable capital, dedicated to improving human health.

No cloning, no elitism

Welcoop’s wealth lies in the diversity of its activities centered around healthcare and the patient. It also lies in the diversity of our employees’ profiles. The slogan “no cloning, no elitism” sums up the spirit of the Welcoop Cooperative.

To attract and keep talents, we have understand that it is necessary to be responsible and meaningful employer. It is this entrepreneurial spirit and the constant mixing of skills and personalities that constitute our strength and uniqueness.

When it comes to diversity or gender equality in the workplace, The Welcoop Cooperative has developed long-term action plans:

  • related to access to employment, training, pay, opportunities for advancement,
  • intended for work-life balance and professional mobility,
  • measures to promote the employment and integration of disabled workers.

As a company anchored in citizen health, the Welcoop Cooperative intends to structure its recruitment and training policy for people with disabilities. Just one of its priorities in social policy.