We are dedicated to serving ​​​​​​​PHARMACISTS

The Welcoop Cooperative brings together more than 4000 pharmacist shareholders throughout France.

Because of their proximity, pharmacists remain the best healthcare coordinators. The Welcoop Cooperative is a pharmacist cooperative working in the interest of the profession, guiding them in daily tasks and new projects. Thanks to this vision of innovation and differentiation, our subsidiaries offer a vast range of solutions to help the dispensing pharmacist.

Pharmacist networks with a strong identity

The Welcoop Cooperative has created added-value pharmacist communities, with the aim of raising the profession’s profile while ensuring its sustainability. These networks constitute a reserve of effectiveness for pharmacists, who can draw on these resources to set themselves apart and enrich their expertise, offering better patient-consumer care. Finally, it is an expression of the singularity of pharmacies: a profession which works independently while being guided by the strength of the cooperative group.

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Performance management for your pharmacy today and tomorrow

Pharmacies are changing in a world which changes in both tangible and intangible ways every day. Huge amounts of data must be dealt with skillfully. Innovation is everywhere. We put tailored solutions at the disposal of pharmacists to optimize pharmacy management:

  • Innovative software for everything from stock control to payment methods
  • Efficient applications for the complete order management logistical chain
  • And because tools alone can’t do everything, training to help you in your role as manager

The benefits to the pharmacist are important from the start to finish of the medication chain: time saved at the counter; a more secure dispensing of medication; and easier retroactive checking. It also means time freed up for day-to-day team management and an improved customer service experience.

The patient-consumer experience

Today, in the current context of tight markets and lower profit margins, pharmacists must continually refine their business skills. How can the selling space be made more attractive? By providing a special customer experience. Here too, The Welcoop Cooperative and its subsidiaries offer many solutions to allow pharmacies to adapt to new consumer behavior patterns, turning each one into opportunities for growth.

Objective: caring for patients

The pharmacist is an important point of contact for patients. They are at the heart of the patient relationship, and are best placed to accompany, treat and supervise treatment compliance.

The Welcoop Cooperative provides a complete set of tools to bring pharmacists closer to their patients from compliance monitoring software to specialized training for specific pathologies. This strengthens the pharmacist’s role as healthcare coordinator, at the center of the healthcare ecosystem where patient data is managed securely.

Become a CITIZEN

All members of The Welcoop Cooperative, be them cooperative members or employees, are professionals that remain committed to improving the health and well-being of patients.