We are dedicated to serving PATIENTS

The Welcoop Cooperative goes further. As Citizens for Health and Well-being, we put patients and their data at the heart of care methods.

Welcoop places itself here as a structuring stakeholder in the healthcare system which is faced with necessary modernization. The cooperative brings quality global treatment to users, efficient and tailored to each stage of the patient healthcare journey.

Patients AT THE CENTER of relationships

As “Citizens for Health and Well-Being”, we choose to ask two questions for all new projects: is it beneficial for patients? How does it contribute to the efficiency of the healthcare system?

While organizing their healthcare journey, patients regularly meet numerous healthcare and paramedical professionals. So many points of contact that must prioritize patient independence, in a secure framework. In addition, these treatments take place in different places: pharmacies, medical or paramedical consulting rooms, at home, in hospitals or care and nursing homes or even while on the move using teleconsultations.

Patients and PARTNERS

For each aspect of healthcare, and for patients themselves, the need for coordination is clear. Welcoop is present at each step in the chain of actors and care. Our teams have both a global view of the healthcare system and a detailed vision of each component which makes it up. From this point of view, patient experience is essential to optimizing the healthcare system. Here, patients have a true partner status in the choice of projects undertaken by The Welcoop Cooperative.

Health and well-being markers

We are guided by the quality of treatment and interactions between patients and healthcare professionals: smoothing access to treatments, as well as issuing prescriptions securely or encouraging treatment compliance. We aim to anticipate and remedy possible lack of continuity during treatment. In the same way, our objective is to establish guidelines for emergency room access or hospitalization; and encourage home healthcare whenever possible. Quite simply, we aim to improve the health and well-being of patients.

Welcoop and its subsidiaries ensure close links between healthcare actors. For this reason, we can now put in place the first healthcare platform dedicated to communication between all healthcare professionals, and healthcare establishments, that form part of patient healthcare journeys. Pharmacists, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, home healthcare or care home specialists, patients or caregivers – an ecosystem unique in France and in Europe which uses the best of technology to improve the human experience, and to meet the objectives of the public health system.

More help for CAREGIVERS

While more and more attention is rightly given to patient actors or “patient experts” recognizing knowledge gained from experience, the role of caregiver must also be taken into account. This role must be humanized and professionalized at the same time. Accompanying dependent or disabled patients is an essential but demanding task. This can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety and require tremendous time and energy.

While seeking improvements in the health of a relative, non-professional caregivers automatically become users of the healthcare system themselves. They become part of the aid structure and home healthcare environment. Often, caregivers go even further and become experts in the situations and needs of the patients concerned. Just as the other medico-social actors.

The Welcoop Cooperative proposes many solutions
to lighten the load for caregivers and bring increased serenity.

This could be by making the home environment of vulnerable people safer, by the use of technological solutions to improve treatment compliance or by calling on home healthcare services. If caregivers are supported and reassured, the patient’s health benefits.