Discover SOLUTIONS to better counseling for your patients

More and more, patients are looking for customized support. Thanks to solutions from The Welcoop Cooperative, pharmacists have more time to give smarter counseling.

Pharmacists counsel patients every day with passion. But what expert advice can help the pharmacists themselves? Knowing their patients and acting as healthcare coordinator to foster those relationships are demanding tasks for the pharmacist. It’s a question of support. The Welcoop Cooperative and its subsidiaries offer the pharmacist quality products and services they can rely on every day.

Solutions for helping patients

Our subsidiary, Pharmagest, leader in technological solutions for pharmacies, offers new services to guide pharmacists as their profession evolves.

The Compliance Monitoring Software platform (Logiciel de Suivi d’Observance or LSO in French) advises patients on prevention and diagnosis of chronic illnesses or common ailments. It is designed to generate a summary of medication and pharmaceutical discussions and improve treatment compliance, helping pharmacists to look after their patients.

Data centralization contributes to the coordination of community-hospital healthcare, home healthcare and telemedicine. Data from the Compliance Monitoring Software are sent to, and can be accessed through, our LGPI software (Logiciel de Portail d’Information or Information Gateway Program in English), so it can be consulted by the whole pharmacy team.

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Wellpharma has developed services that are one-on-one personalized interviews for a variety of healthcare topics for your patients:

Solutions for better healthcare coordination

Pharmagest proposes many other digital solutions integrated with the Compliance Monitoring Software to better support and advise patients at the pharmacy counter. Pharmacy teams, assisted by web technologies, mobile applications and connected devices, can better coordinate and optimize patient care.

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The Pharmagest “eSanté” division (eHealth in English) offers a range of solutions for its client laboratories to help pharmacists support their patients on a daily basis.

How to keep pharmacy teams informed, encourage the advice reflex, and ultimately set oneself apart and increase sales? It’s a virtuous circle with our tools at your disposal at each key stage of the consumer-patient journey (communication via the Pharmacy Professional Software, prevention surveys, information and advice about correct use of medication, etc.).

Solutions for pharmacists and independant living at home

Encouraging healthcare at home is amongst the pharmacist’s duties. Noviacare is a smart solution to support the most infirm patients at home. The Pharmagest “eSanté” division (eHealth in English) has developed innovative technology which has been welcomed by professionals.

To reinforce their role as the first healthcare coordinator, pharmacists can become a “Noviacare Advice Point Pharmacy”. In this context, they can identify people who could benefit from this scheme and suggest an attractively-priced solution, which is eligible for tax relief.

To participate, visit the Noviacare website (Espace Pro). You can identify your patients with just 5 fields to complete. In one click, you issue and send the relevant invoice. The installation is carried out by a specialized technician from our subsidiary D Medica.

For each patient installation, the pharmacist receives a payment, and their close relationship with the patient is reinforced.

To learn more, visit

Noviacare la box intelligente d'aide à domicile

Complete and varied training programs

Our “Objectif Pharma” Group offers pharmacists a large range of training courses linked to current developments, changes in legislation and new projects. Certain courses are even open to all pharmacies, whether they are members of the group or not.

Discover the training calendar

In addition, our subsidiary D Medica, specialist in home healthcare, offers product training all year long. We will give you a high level of support and answers to patient questions about ulcer prevention, healthcare beds or aids for daily living.

…and specialized training for specific brands

Belonging to a brand brings many advantages, including access to specialized training courses.

  • The Wellpharma brand trains its pharmacists in business or project management but also for specific pathologies, such as oncology for example.
  • The Anton & Willem brand, specializing in complementary medicines, shares its know-how through member training courses. Once trained, pharmacists can confidently give the best advice.
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Advice for pharmacists in the real world

Network coordinators for the “Objectif Pharma” Group, and the Wellpharma and Anton & Willem brands are trained to guide member pharmacists in their projects.

Account Managers for Welcoop Product Solutions, ensure promotion of The Welcoop Cooperatve and its products represented by our 3 laboratories, which are:

  • le Cristers,
  • le Laboratoire Marque Verte,
  • le Pharma Lab.

These brands support pharmacists in proposing solutions that customers expect, helping them to win market share with innovative products and services.

More services for patient advice

Our subsidiary, D Medica, offers home audit services to develop the pharmacist’s actions outside the pharmacy, and increase patient loyalty. While also increasing awareness of our services. The audit is based on 3 priority areas: making the home environment safe; patient independence; and patient comfort.

D Medica also produces a booklet for patients and their caregivers to let them discover all products linked to independent living.

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Key pharmacy-exclusive brands

Laboratoire Marque Verte is the story of cooperator-pharmacists who created their own pharmacy-exclusive brand in 1968.

“For your pharmacy, insist on Laboratoire Marque Verte – the guarantee of quality products and services”.

We offer pharmacy-backed quality products and services to soothe, reassure, protect and treat patients with 100% confidence.

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