Leading network in France

The Welcoop Cooperative is a 100% pharmacist-owned cooperative. Today, more than 3800 members have already joined our healthcare cooperative. A source of pride for everyone.

Independent pharmacists have their first network in France. Because needs vary from one pharmacy to the next, we have 4 levels of pharmacist networks. Each pharmacist can choose the best solution. Are you more “Cooperator Community”, “Objectif Pharma Group”, “Wellpharma” or “Anton & Willem”? Let’s explain in detail, and then you can choose according to your project.

The Cooperator community

The Welcoop Cooperative unites pharmacist-cooperators. Together, they make up the first network in France called “Citizens for health and well-being”, which brings great benefits to patient-consumers. The Welcoop Cooperative merges technological innovations and changes in the pharmacist profession to increase the efficiency of the economic system of healthcare. This pharmaceutical exclusive ensures pharmacists can deliver the best in services, advice and products.

Objectif Pharma for day-to-day management

This pharmacist group is taking control of its own future. Operational excellence and innovation in technology and services are on the menu. The group is first in line for technological advances from The Welcoop Cooperative.

The objective of the pharmacist group “Objectif Pharma” is to offer day-to-day support to the pharmacist. The network can guide them whether they choose to develop their business, to optimize their skills or improve their performance. Today, more than 500 pharmacists have joined the “Objectif Pharma” group. To learn more and to join us.

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Logo Wellpharma

Wellpharma, the goodwill pharmacy

In a constantly changing pharmaceutical environment, today’s pharmacy must adapt to an ever more demanding consumer. Here, as elsewhere, the consumer is looking for a genuine customer experience. So here is a network open to new consumer habits. The Wellpharma brand Wellpharma embodies the future of pharmacies and is a real pharmacist community associated with a loyalty scheme.

Together, they are engaged in a process of constant progress. If you are interested in joining this network, Wellpharma will help you develop innovative entrepreneurship along with a good reputation with customers, while offering know-how and interpersonal skills for you and your pharmacy team.

Anton & Willem, a different approach to healthcare

Through its specialization in alternative medicine, the Anton & Willem brand meets a need for those interested in this approach.

A frontrunner in complementary healthcare, Anton & Willem brings together two types of medicine: natural and allopathic. Each person can manage their health in harmony with their lifestyle. This new generation in pharmacy brands offers a different approach to healthcare. Constantly growing, this network is aimed at smaller town-center pharmacies.

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Become a CITIZEN

All members of The Welcoop Cooperative, be them cooperative members or employees, are professionals that remain committed to improving the health and well-being of patients.