We are dedicated to serving HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS

We are a pharmacist cooperative, with advanced technologies and solutions to serve many healthcare professionals.

Throughout their lifetime, patients find it necessary to consult many different healthcare professionals in very different environments. During this healthcare journey, The Welcoop Cooperative and its subsidiaries ensure the best patient treatment. Hospital, care home and all healthcare establishment environments benefit from these innovations, as can doctors and patients in their homes. We serve all healthcare professionals.

In this optimized care, each subsidiary operates according to their specialization, offering quality solutions and products. Each of our entities are familiar with the constraints and requirements of the healthcare system, and the professionals who contribute to it. Capitalizing on this close relationship and the interface with key stakeholders allows them to offer tailored technological solutions. It’s really a question of reinforcing your efficiency in all day-to-day activities.

Equipe médicale qui discute dans les couloirs d'un hôpital

Specialized products and solutions for care and nursing homes

For all medical teams working in assisted living settings, including care and nursing homes, we offer technical solutions for proper treatment of patients, with products and services tailored to the needs of this vulnerable group. We develop information systems, IT tools and online services to improve the daily experiences of care teams, for example, by reducing the risk of error.

And for each solution, we work to find the best balance between objective efficiency and patient well-being.

High-tech solutions in the HOSPITAL environment

With the creation of Regional Hospital Groups (Groupements Hospitaliers des Territoires, GHT in French), hospital information systems must undergo an important transformation. Our subsidiaries support hospital teams to be better organized and respond to the demands of new legislation. Our solutions save time for teams, letting them be closer to patients.

Patients benefit from better healthcare coordination and finally better treatment.

Tools for Nurse and Hospital at Home care

Healthcare professional who work in the Nurse and Hospital at Home setting can count on patient monitoring at home, with all the associated administrative aspects taken into account. Our subsidiary, Dicsit (the eHealth division of Pharmagest) has developed this integrated, complete solution which uses artificial intelligence to allow safe home support.


Patients put a lot of trust in their doctors for the coordination of their treatments. We offer diverse products and solutions for doctors so that they can better advise and support their patients. Each aspect of the treatment chain and each healthcare profession involved can benefit from these over time. Patients at the doctor’s office, in a healthcare establishment or at home, can benefit from the same advantages.

The Welcoop Cooperative and its subsidiaries participate with doctors in better monitoring of treatments. One more way to work more efficiently.