We are dedicated to serving DOCTORS

Progress made in the field of collection and enhanced use of medical data, is a major factor for the medicine of tomorrow. Whether you are an independent general practitioner or a doctor in a healthcare facility, you can benefit from the coordination of patient healthcare data. At the key, improved treatment quality and patient safety.

As healthcare professionals, doctors occupy an essential place in the front line of the patient healthcare journey. The Welcoop Cooperative, through its subsidiaries, can offer a range of solutions to support doctors in their day to day tasks. The global circulation of information is concerned, from collection to sharing of patient data. Efficiency and security are central to the system, bringing the best treatment to patients, and supporting doctors in their daily work conditions. Operations, from medical consultations to regulatory and administrative obligations, are also simplified.


Throughout their lives, patients meet a great number of different healthcare professionals in addition to their doctors. To coordinate all this data and favor better treatment, our technological solutions are organized into an ecosystem, with processes which make each patient’s healthcare journey smoother.

In addition, better data coordination allows healthcare professionals to be more efficient and so more available for their patients. We defend the vision that technology is only useful when it can be of better service for a better human experience. All this on a secure, centralized platform to facilitate exchanges between healthcare establishments, general practitioners and the home.

Image d'une téléconsultation

Rural areas:
teleconsultation from the pharmacy

How to offer access to qualitative healthcare in isolated regions? It can be problematic to consult a doctor in certain rural areas, considered to be “medical deserts”. Pharmagest proposes an exclusive solution for teleconsultation, Offiteleconsult. A dedicated space is set up in the pharmacy, but it can also be used in patients’ homes, allowing a virtual interaction between the teleconsultant doctor and patients.

Offiteleconsult is linked to a network of more than 500 doctors across France, using IT technology and connected objects. At the same time, the very strict regulatory framework for teleconsultations can be respected. The system also means that unnecessary travelling or emergencies can be avoided and hospitalizations limited. After the teleconsultation, coordination of information such as prescriptions takes place directly between the doctor and the pharmacist, ensuring better patient care.

Medical teleconsultation in CARE HOMES

Malta Informatique specializes in IT management and patient treatment in care and nursing homes. The solution Titan Teleconsultation offers medical teleconsultations between doctors in their consulting rooms and patients accompanied by a caregiver in the residential facility. The doctor can guide the caregiver, take photos and annotate them, resulting in a complete consultation which requires only a simple internet access, a webcam and an audio-micro headset for the doctor.

Titan Téléconsultation gives doctors the technology to ensure secure, quality teleconsultations. They can issue prescriptions signed using their health professional ID card (Carte de Professionnel de Santé, or CPS in French), enter consultation reports which will feed into the resident’s Shared Medical File (DPS in French) and produce a bill for the consultation, all directly from the Titan application. This teleconsultation service, and all the resulting actions, are therefore completely integrated into patients’ files in the care home.

Smart medical devices are also offered in partnership with Smart medical devices are also offered in partnership with Laboratoire Marque Verte.

Unique monitoring for CARE HOME patients

How to ensure the best treatment conditions for care home patients? Malta Informatique offers Titan Web Médecin, an innovative solution tailored to general practitioners working in this field. Doctors can issue new paperless prescriptions securely using their health professional ID card (Carte de Professionnel de Santé, or CPS in French) directly from their consulting rooms or any internet connection. They can renew prescriptions or enter consultation reports in a 100% secure web environment.

For doctors in the hospital environment

Imagine if a patient “dashboard” allowed you to be even more effective. Healthcare and treatment areas have not escaped the data explosion and the necessity of producing visual, actionable syntheses.

Our subsidiary, aXigate, specializes in Electronic Patient Files (Dossier Patient Informatisé, or DPI in French) for Regional Hospital Groups (GHT in French), with an information system targeted at doctors. Easy to use with its simple, intuitive ergonomy, the aXigate solution makes patient treatment smoother for doctors moving around an establishment.

Using this unique tool, doctors can access all patient information from prescriptions to resource planning, via care plans and medical files. Patient dashboards with alerts give immediate access to vital information, like allergies, infections or any important events in patient treatment. Finally, the aXigate solution contributes to quality information exchange between Regional Hospital Group doctors, and their general practitioner colleagues using a secure platform.

Other EXCLUSIVE services

Administrative support with a dedicated extranet

In cases where patients with chronic conditions are being treated by our home healthcare supplier, D Medica, we can offer prescribers direct access to patient files. This uses a secure, confidential extranet operated by Pharmagest, an accredited “healthcare data host”, so that doctors can have flexibility in their daily organization.

Cristers médicaments génériques OTC

Generic and over-the-counter medication

Cristers is a French generic medication laboratory belonging to the pharmacists’ cooperative, Welcoop. Cristers, via dispensing pharmacies, offers a range covering the principal therapeutic domains such as cardiology, neurology, cancer treatment, gynecology etc. Cristers commercializes generic and over-the-counter (family health) medications. The company has been present on the market since 2006 and owns and exploits its own drug marketing approvals (Autorisation de Mise sur le Marché, or AMM in French).

Healthcare professionals approve!

Our Laboratoire Marque Verte subsidiary offers a wide range of everyday products for healthcare professionals, including doctors. This includes wound treatment with the Abso range; diabetes care with Soludiab; or use of reliable medical measurement devices with the Digit range.

These products have been tested and approved by 3900 healthcare professionals including nurses and general practitioners. This approval reassures us that our products respond well to the needs of healthcare professionals that use them. This also contributes to better patient comfort, a priority for Laboratoire Marque Verte.