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With more than 4000 pharmacist shareholders, The Welcoop Cooperative is working for the health and well-being of patients.

Welcoop provides the means to position pharmacists as true healthcare coordinators. A vision in line with changes in, and the future of, the profession. Pharmacist cooperators choose here a unique mode of development, and they can also take advantage of immediate benefits when joining The Cooperative.

The profession is changing. Advance with it.

As you know, pharmacists are taking on more projects. They are no longer simple dispensers of medication but key players in the healthcare world. No doubt this works in the interest of a profession faced with changing demands. But there are also requirements.

Between competitors, price and volume reductions in prescribed medications, and emergence of new services, it’s not so easy to make the best choices. In our profession as elsewhere, there is strength in numbers. This is cultivated at the heart of a pharmacist cooperative.



This union aims to defend and ensure the sustainability of pharmacies and the pharmacist profession. Joining the Welcoop Cooperative today, is to believe in this positive dynamic which powers pharmacists towards new aspects of the profession.


You are the first to benefit from the cooperative system.

As a cooperative member, you are the first to benefit from the cooperative system. You control your own destiny. Through the pharmacist group, you can become owner of your own means of production. As a cooperator, you take part in Group decisions and build tomorrow’s products and services with us.

The Welcoop Cooperative and its subsidiaries propose innovative solutions and tailored tools to improve patient support and compliance, allowing you to take a central place in the healthcare professionals’ environment.

Graphique distribution de dividendes

The Cooperative: a tool that gives back

A part of the profits of our Pharmacist Cooperative is redistributed to cooperators in the form of cooperative dividends. These dividends are an official legal complementary income specific to the cooperative system. You receive them each year, in proportion to your purchases from relevant Group subsidiaries in Year N-1.

In this way, you receive:

  • Cooperative dividends of 20%* on your net purchases of Cristers generic and OTC medications
  • Cooperative dividends of 5%* on your net purchases of Pharma Lab European medications
  • Cooperative dividends of 4%* on your purchases of D Medica home healthcare products and services.

* After ratification by the Welcoop Cooperative Assembly General.

While preserving your financial health with cooperative dividends, you also become owner of your own generic and over-the-counter medication laboratory, Cristers.

A website dedicated to members to stay informed

In order to follow your turnover and cooperative dividends, each cooperative member can access their own private account.

This account also gives you access to all your membership-related documents as well as news from The Welcoop Cooperative.

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